Trademarks in Canada

You must have worked really hard to establish a good brand reputation and goodwill of your business or you are looking forward to a reputable brand if you are reading this page. We are here to help you maintain your brand and goodwill. Trademark makes it possible for your customers to identify you. It also creates your unique image among others in your industry. They do help in creating goodwill and thus are highly valuable and need to be protected.

Trademark plays crucial role and is counted as a valuable business asset. Within Canada, it is possible for you to use your trademark rights across Canada as Canada gives you exclusive right to use your trademark throughout Canada.

In dealing with several kinds of trademark issues, it is quite necessary to contact a person who has full-fledged knowledge about trademark and its usage and protection all over Canada.

To fulfill your specific requirements, Ontario Trademark Lawyers offers the following services:

  • Trademark searches
  • Trademark application and prosecution
  • Trademark registration
  • Licensing and acquisition of trademarks
  • Trademark portfolio management
  • Canadian trademark applications and renewals
  • Opposition and Expungement proceedings
  • Trademark infringement proceedings

You can avoid the drawback of unlicensed, inexperienced online services and the cost of uncertainty that are associated with them. We have been practicing in the area of trademarks for quite long and have created a strong foothold in the legal industry. Understanding that each client has different set of issues and problems, we offer streamlined personalized services that minimize the occurrence of hassles to our clients and also ensure that our clients register strong trademarks.

We are very experienced Trademark Lawyers. Ontario Trademark Lawyers are known for providing high-quality, cost-effective and efficient legal services.

If you are not sure from where to start, we are here to give you useful guidance. Contact our skilled, experienced and focused trademark lawyers today and we assure you that we can help you with any of your trademarks issues.

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