For the past several decades, popularity of television has taken a new leap. With the increasing popularity, problems have also increased. People who telecast their programs, advertisements and many other people associated with television industry go through various problems that can cause loss to their business or might create hindrance in telecasting their shows and programs, etc.

To overcome such issues, various television laws have been made so that things may function properly. Notwithstanding, still problems occur and people find specialized litigators who can fight their case effectively when it is related to television.

Moreover, the dispute related to television comes under the ambit of entertainment law. The lawyers who have specialization in entertainment law can actually take up your case. We at Ontario Trademark Lawyers have specialized team of lawyers who are experienced in entertainment law. Moreover, we have experience in television disputes.

our lawyers have extensive expertise in television law. Our lawyers have represented recording artists, songwriters, independent record labels, music publishers, producers, and even concert promoters in the past and have come out with good success stories.

If you want a consultation, then also we are here to help you as our lawyers advice producers, writers, production companies and actors on different issues. Moreover, we can also help you in preparing the following agreements:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Error and omissions opinions
  • cast and crew agreements
  • Releases
  • Distribution agreements and all television-related agreements

If you are troubled with any issue that is related to entertainment law in general or television in particular, please feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

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