Privacy Law

As the name suggests, privacy law refers to the laws that deal with the regulation of personal and confidential information about the individuals that can be collected by government and other public agencies and private organizations.

In fact, privacy is a right that is guaranteed by the Constitution involving an individual’s right to autonomy. In today’s world, almost every bit of information is stored electronically, including medical, financial and other personal records. Hence it is really difficult to protect personal information.

There are times when people or organizations spread your confidential information to others or misuse your information. In such cases, you are entitled to rely on privacy laws to sue that particular person, agency or organization. For that, you may need a lawyer who can help you with the matter.

We at Ontario Trademark Lawyers have expertise in privacy matters. We have a team of qualified and skilled lawyers handle matters of violation of privacy laws. We help people in protecting their privacy rights and also seek the best possible remedy when privacy violations occur.

We at Ontario Trademark Lawyers litigate vast range of privacy issues on behalf of our clients. Some situations for which we will offer you our help are as follows:

  • Whether a company is improperly using personal records for profit
  • Whether a company is failing to safeguard data; and
  • Whether a company is breaching its obligations

We are here to help you in every matter that is in any way related to privacy violation. Our experienced and dedicated lawyers have experience in assisting the victims of privacy violation in numerous matters including:

  • Cell Phone Privacy
  • Medical and Health Privacy
  • Computer Privacy
  • Internet Privacy
  • Financial Privacy, and many more

So, whenever you feel that your privacy has been violated or compromised, do get in touch with our privacy lawyers who are here to help you and litigate the matter for you in the courtroom.

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