Patents in Canada

In Canada, a patent is granted to an inventor for a maximum time period of 20 years after the day he had filed the patent application. The patent grants the inventor the right to stop people from making, using or selling his invention from the day the patent is granted.

You can even provide the full description of the invention so that any interested business or people can benefit from the information. When it comes to Canada, these rights given to you are viable throughout Canada and people cannot make, use or sell your invention without your permission.

But, there are times, when you find people using your invention without your permission or authorization; then it is the right time to file a court action against that particular person or business. If you do not have patent for your invention then probably you will need a lawyer who can actually help you with your patent.

This is the right point in time where we at Ontario Trademark Lawyers can help you and make things quite simple for you. We have a specialized team of professionals who have expertise in patent cases. Our professionals are very skilled, knowledgeable and experienced.

We listen to you patiently and peacefully and then address all the doubts that you may have and make you understand whether your case actually falls into patent section or not. This is so because many people have confusion regarding what actually constitutes patents, trademarks and copy rights. They easily mix them up and categorize them in the wrong labels.

Our experienced professionals will help you understand the exact meaning of patent and all that is covered in this particular section. In brief, patents cover new inventions (i.e. process, machine, manufacture, composition of matter), or any new and useful improvement to an existing invention.

Some of our patent specific services include the following:

  • Patent infringement opinions
  • Patent availability and validity opinions
  • Patent filings and prosecutions

With all these services focused on patent specifically, we ensure best results to all clients within limited time duration. We understand the importance of your valuable time and thus offer our services according to your convenience and as per your specific needs and requirements. If you are going through any patent related problem, please get in touch with our skilled team of professionals immediately.

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