Maximize On Business Profits by Hiring a Trademark Attorney

In today’s competitive business environment, every brand has to do what’s necessary to get a lead in the market. It is not uncommon for companies to sell products similar to one another in a bid to capture customers and generate sales. Such situations can lead to theft of products or service, if a brand is not careful enough to get a trademark on what it is offering.

A trademark can be in the form of a symbol, word(s) or a phrase which distinguishes it from others. Trademark registration assigns a unique identity to a product and gives recognition to it as belonging to a particular brand. A similar brand cannot make a packing or a product that is identical and enjoy profits from selling it. However getting a trademark registered is a lengthy process and it involves many legal activities, which can be managed with the assistance of a trademark lawyer Canada.

How Can A Trademark Lawyer Assist You?

A trademark lawyer will file a trademark application so that your brand can get a products trademark. If your brand is offering a service, the lawyer will file for a service mark. This application process will take time and it has to be approved by the government. A vital point to note here is that your trademark must not be similar to an existing brand’s trademark. Legal paperwork has to be completed and submitted according to legal regulations. Once the trademark is approved, you become the owner of it. The lawyer will check on the risk of adopting a particular slogan, word or logo as well as do research to determine if a particular mark violates the right of another entity or person. Only when there is a satisfactory outcome on such points, will the lawyer proceed in pursuing the mark.

If your trademark has been unlawfully used by another company, you can file a suit against that company. In such a situation, a trademark lawyer Canada will help file the litigation suit. The lawyer has the   expertise to argue the case in court and will do the needful to win it, so that your brand continues to be the sole owner of the trademark and benefits from it. The lawyer will check evidence against the other brand and prepare the case accordingly. Appropriate paperwork will be filed in court. Witnesses will be interviewed and deposed. When the case goes to trial in court, the lawyer will represent you. In case the case is settled outside court, the lawyer will manage all negotiations to make them work for you.

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