Marketing and Advertising Law

In today’s world, promotion of any particular service or product plays a very significant role in its public patronage and sales. This is the prime reason why marketing and advertising have taken a position of high prominence among other factors that determine the success of a specific product, service or business as a whole.

The advertising and marketing laws have been developed as a direct response to the growing role of marketing and advertising in today’s marketplace. Predominantly, these laws are related to the means and methods of communicating information about a product or service to the public. Understanding the significance of marketing and advertising as a big player in the success of a business is essential.

Moreover, it is really important for a business to ensure that it upholds its legal obligation to ensure that any claims or representations it makes in its advertising claims are truthful, not deceptive or in any other way violates the law.

In cases where any individual or an organization violates the marketing and advertising law, they can be held responsible and can be sued. This may damage or hamper the business. We at Ontario Trademark Lawyers know exactly what it takes to create a good advertising and thus offer our reputable services to our clients.

We are experienced in catering for different kinds of advertising and marketing law violation cases and provide a great help to:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Media outlets and
  • Other corporate advertisers

Our team of experienced lawyers has vast knowledge in matters relating to marketing and advertising law; hence we offer customized and innovative solutions to our clients’ needs. If you have any questions associated with marketing and advertising law, please call and have a word with our experienced and able lawyers today.

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