IP prosecution

IP prosecution means Intellectual Property prosecution. In other words, it is basically a process of acquiring allowance of a patent application after it is filed in the Patent and Trademark Office.

If you also want to get your intellectual property developed and protected then we at Ontario Trademark Lawyers are here to help you achieve that goal.

We have experienced and skilled professionals who are licensed to practice before the Patent and Trademark Office. Our expert lawyers will help you in the development and protection of your intellectual property.

Moreover, our professionals help various clients in the following Intellectual Property matters:

  • Prosecuting patents on behalf of medical centers, universities, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. This also includes patents related to various biotechnological inventions.
  • Prosecuting patents in diverse fields including inventions pertaining to pharmaceuticals, polymers, genetically engineered crop resistance and oil field technology.
  • Representing manufacturers of offshore drilling rigs in patent prosecutions.

We will help you with your patent prosecution and also make you understand the major difference between patent litigation and patent prosecution as both of them are very different things, although many people do not know or appreciate the difference between the two terms. Many members of the public may not know the exact difference between the two terms and may be confused.

To elaborate, when you want to sue any person for violating your patent rights, then you are looking for patent litigators. On the other hand, when you need a help to develop an intellectual property protection strategy which includes preparing and filing your patent applications with the patent and Trademark Office, then you are looking for a patent prosecutor.

Our IP prosecutors are licensed to practice law and are also licensed to practice in the Patent and Trademark Office. Accordingly, whenever you are on lookout for an Intellectual Property prosecutor, you can simply get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers as we are well suited to help you in every matter related to your IP prosecution.

To set up an appointment and to find out more about our IP Prosecution services, you can call us on 416-840-5572, or Toll Free: 1-888-672-7266.

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