Entertainment law

We handle all legal matters related to the entertainment industry from the creation and acquisition of literary material and its development through financing, production, brand integration and distribution, including the exploitation of re-purposed content and other transmedia opportunities. Examples of our Entertainment Law services include:

  • Entertainment finance through co-productions, joint ventures and private investment
  • Motion picture production and distribution for all existing and new applications and distribution platforms
  • Revenue creation through Internet and new media applications and distribution platforms
  • International motion picture co-productions/tax credits/rebates
  • Government production subsidies and tax breaks in Canada, the US, and foreign countries active in motion picture production
  • Protecting rights to intellectual property and content in original and new media applications, including repurposed content and transmedia projects
  • Representing and advising creative and technical talent: actors, directors, writers, producers, composers, graphic artists, designers and Web professionals
  • Business transactions in the sports industry, from player contract negotiations to product endorsements, publishing deals and new media opportunities
  • Contracts and agreements in all facets of the industry.

Our firm provides a dynamic entertainment practice to entertainment clients in the areas of film and television production legal, distribution and financing, LLC and securities, music, copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property. Together, our attorneys and experienced staff form a powerful legal team that aggressively pursues clients’ rights. We are skilled negotiators and trial lawyers who have a proven record of success in and out of the courtroom. In addition, we are driven to provide quality legal service that is responsive to the unique, personalized needs of each client. Due to our firm’s size and flexibility, we have the ability to give personalized legal service that a larger firm may not be able to provide.

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