Copyright Registration

Copyright duration in Canada is the lifetime of the creator of the work, plus 50 years from the end of the calendar year that the creator died. In other countries copyright duration varies, for example in the United States and the United Kingdom, copyright duration is the creator of the works lifetime, plus 70 years from the end of the calendar year that the creator died.

Preventing rampant copying and theft of your valuable works of authorship is critical to securing the value that your employees and independent contractors generate within your company.

We handle copyright infringement and copyright litigation matters throughout Canada and the U.S. A copyright gives the owner the ability to reproduce‚ distribute‚ or use creative material and exclude others from utilizing the material without the owner’s permission. Under copyright law‚ ideas alone and facts alone cannot be protected. Only the expression of an idea is protectable under copyright law. When an idea is misappropriated‚ recovery of damages may be possible under legal theories other than copyright law. So‚ while the idea of a software program cannot be protected under copyright law‚ the written expression of the software program can be.

Due to the potential availability of statutory damages and attorneys’ fees‚ copyright litigation can have large monetary amounts at issue very quickly. When a copyright infringement occurs and a quick or easy resolution is not reached‚ the matter may end up as a lawsuit in federal court. This involves the filing of a Complaint by the plaintiff‚ an Answer or motions to dismiss by the defendant‚ discovery such as interrogatories and depositions‚ and finally trial. In the event that you are located outside or inside Canada and have a litigation issue here‚ we are happy to provide you with the services you need.

As lawyers with expertise in copyright Registration law, we are passionate about protecting that right. A copyright does exactly what the word implies: It gives you, the creator, the “right” to control any attempt to “copy” the work you have created. Reproduction, distribution, production, performance and display rights all fall under copyright protection and the realm of copyright law.

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