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Copyright Registration- a safeguard of your creation

More information about Copyright

Undoubtedly, nowadays the subject of copyright has become a subject of numerous controversies. Some search for their legal safety and the rest are in support of sharing the contents with no fine for doing such things. It is thus essential to learn before anything what is copyright and what it supports Copyright Registration. Any kind of work as stated above is definitely a subject of security of Copyright. At the same time it is essential to learn that it is identified as the fundamental right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This law is generally to encourage the work of art and culture and to give total rights to the authors. It simply implies that if one has come up with something great and unique then no one can have the right to use it without permission; and using that work without seeking permission will attract legal consequences to the user. One thing is to be remembered that these rights are confined within time limit and generally end after completion of almost 70 years after the author’s death. One can stop anyone from copying one’s work of creation but anyone can take idea from one’s creation and it will never come under the range of Copyright Law, if certain limits are followed.

Importance of Copyright Registration

There are so many reasons why Copyright Registration is an important factor. When somebody uses one’s creation without permission then one can do limited amount of things like one can ask them angrily or nicely to stop doing such things or to demand a penalty from user or one can take them directly to court, though the first idea does not work always. So if one really wishes to protect one’s work of creation then Copyright Registration is must. Even if the creation is not registered in the meantime and another person uses it, then the person will have to produce evidence of his damages. In short the person will have to give a solid proof to the judge of exactly how much money one lost or assuredly how much money the fraud person earned by using the unique creation without permission. Thus it becomes a time consuming process. It is better to go for Copyright Registration.

Through the help of skilled and experienced copyright lawyer a person can get the best copyright service and consultation as well. Thus one can get the ultimate relief by Copyright Registration.

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Trademark Patent Agent – Collect All Important Information

Trademark is known as a recognized intellectual property as compared to others which include patent, design and copyright. A trademark guards an expression that shows an individual product or service. A trademark can be a logo, or a single word. It is used to differentiate a single product or service from others that is of the same market. However, it is not a physical asset where one can keep hold on to it. It is just an application or so-called registration, upon endorsement and grant, in the scholar property office.

Approximately all of the countries in the world have an intellectual property office that manages special types of intellectual properties which includes trademark, patent, design and copyright, among others. Each country has its own intellectual property rules and regulations on each of the intellectual properties, i.e. some identify first use of a trademark and a few don’t. Certainly, if you require more details on trademarks and other intellectual properties in different nations, you can always locate them through the help of Trademark Patent Agent.

How really does it work?

If you own a particular product or service, you should create a mark, logo or phrase to show it, it is better to make some search at the intellectual property office and find out if the mark that you have created has been formerly used or even registered. In other words, you have to check out the availability of the mark first before proceeding to apply for it. If you aren’t confident that the search result is correct, or you have some doubt, it is better to contact a trademark agent to assist you.

When you are confident that your trademark is unique, the next thing you are required to do is to organize a list of goods and services that your product is providing. There is a catalogue of goods and services, and classes that signify the goods and services, which you can find from the network. In case you are not familiar with the inventory and classes, your local trademark agent is supposed to be capable of getting the same ready for you. The list and classes are significant. It provides what your mark specifically narrows to.

However, if you are the designer and owner of the sign, you have the option of filing your application under your name or under the name of your business.